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History of Die Eike

New Owners: 1 March 2012

Eike BB has been taken over by Charmaine Carstens and works as owner of the guest house. Charmaine’s expertise falls on marketing of the Eike BB and the Breedekloof as well as reservations and looking after each and every guest’s needs.

The Rear End Guest House – 2004

The rear end guest house was the first building built on the farm Groote Vlakte. It is unknown when this building was erected. At first it was a coach-house. It was later used as a school building in witch Andries Botha attended school. The school building was changed into a homestead in which Kosie and Annetjie lived until 2004.

JF Botha (Kobus) – 1996

In 1996 Kosie Botha’s third son, JF Botha (Kobus), bought Die Eike from him and formed a trust. The previous owner’s two sons JF and Johan, was the 12th generation Botha’s in South Africa and the 8th generation on Die Eike. In 2006 Kobus and his wife Nolene decided to change the original homestead into a guest house. In 2007 they extended the guest house to the building at the rear of the homestead.

Jacobus Francois Botha (Kosie) – 1950

From 1950 Jacobus Francois Botha (Kosie), the only son of Andries Botha, started farming on Die Eike. In 1951 he changed the wine cellar to a store. The reason for this was that the Badsberg Co-operative Wine Cellar was founded and from that day on wine was made and marketed in the co-operative manner.

Andries Du Toit Botha – 1932

In 1929 Andries du Toit Botha, the 10th child of Koos Botha, started to farm on “Groote Vlakte”. On 2 September 1932 his father gave him 174 morgen land. From that date on this piece of ground was known as “Die Eike”. In 1944 he upgraded the wine cellar.

Jacobus Francois Botha (Koos) – 1895

In 1895 Jacobus Francois Botha (Koos), the 7th child of Piet Botha, bought according to his mother’s testament, the farm “Groote Vlakte” out of her estate for ₤2 500. In 1920 one of Koos Botha’s sons, Pieter Barend Botha (Piet Bad) hired the Goudini Bad Hotel (Hot Springs) now known as the “ATKV Goudini” from his father. He sold the hotel in 1947.

Pieter Barend Botha (Piet) – 2 April 1863

Pieter Barend Botha (Piet), the 9th child of Theuns Botha, received 328 morgen of land from his father. The land had to remain in his wife’s name, namely Martha Maria Jordaan. They lived in the building (store) next to the present day guest house. During that period the horse stables, wine cellar and homestead were all in one building. In 1879 he built a new homestead, wich is at present the guest house. According to the legend his wife insisted that the house had to have a toilet and he accordingly built her an outside toilet known as a “long-drop”. This was the first house in the district to have a toilet.

Theunis Christoffel Botha – 3 November 1835

Die Eike was formerly part of the farm “Groote Vlakte”.

Theunis Christoffel Botha was the 6 th generation in South Africa. On 3 November 1835 he received the 1198 morgen farm Groote Vlakte from his father-in-law, JPJ Jordaan. In 1840 Theunis Botha’s tax return showed that he possessed 100 oxen, 150 sheep and goats and harvested 50 mud-bags of grain(three-bushel bags). During that year he also produced half a leaguer of brandy and had to pay ₤1.4 tax. According to the Worcester Quintrens the farm was only awarded to him on 15 March 1841.

The following conditions were attached:

The Hot Springs bordering on the farm must remain open to the public as a hot bath. The poor class had the right to free access to the spring. The public who made use of the spring were not permitted to allow their cattle to graze there for longer than 24 hours.

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